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Title: A Beauty Dark & Deadly, Author: Heather C. Myers
Title: Abandoned (A Light in the Dark Ages, #1), Author: Tim Walker
Title: Peace and Turmoil, Author: Elliot Brooks
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Title: The Fall of Julie Snow (Down the Dark Path Trilogy, #1), Author: JJ Stuart
Title: Night Falls, Author: Jamie Cannon
Title: The Dark Pumpkin, Author: Sylvur
Title: Pieces Of One, Part 1 (The Dark Life Collection), Author: SVC Ricketts
Title: Merlin - The Legacy (Rise of the Dark, #1), Author: Luke Gasiden
Title: Mortal Obligation, Author: Nichole Chase
Title: Lucky 13 (Children of the Dark Gods, #1), Author: Velveteen Black
Title: Soldier On: A feminization tale, Author: N.J. Lysk
Title: Saving The Dark Side Book 1: The Devotion, Author: Joseph Paradis
Title: The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger, Author: Stephen King
Title: In the Dark of the Night, Author: Cardaisha Johnson
Title: The Dark Side of the Moon, Author: Reed Piller
Title: Awaken, Author: Isadora Brown
Title: Defense Against the Dark Arts: Spiritual Warfare 101.: Satan and His Allies, Author: III E. W. Finch
Title: Dark Realm: Tales of the Dark Reality, Author: Neal Amza
Title: From the Dark, Book 1, Author: Scott Weldon Clark
Title: What Lay in the Dark, Author: Casey L. Nash

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