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Title: Dark Consort, Author: Amber R. Duell
Title: La materia del cosmo (The Dark Forest), Author: Cixin Liu
Title: Autoficcion: CHILD OF THE DARK, Author: Priscila Goes
Title: Black Magic, Author: Edgar Waldgrave
Title: Ambrosius: Last of the Romans (A Light in the Dark Ages, #2), Author: Tim N. Walker
Title: Thunder Horizon, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Christianity the Dark Ages: 400-1099, Author: Lawrence Wade Johnson
Title: The Island of Birds: Book Two in the Dark Sea Trilogy, Author: Austin Hackney
Title: The Little Sisters of Eluria, Author: Stephen King
Title: Whisper in the Dark, Author: Bobbi Kenady
Title: Dark Corridors (The Dark Journeys Trilogy, #2), Author: Charles Justus Garard
Title: Anthem of the Dark, Author: Thom Collins
Title: The Saxon Knives: an epic of the Dark Age, Author: James Calbraith
Title: In the Dark of the Moon, Author: Angela Parson Myers
Title: Catalyst: Book 2 in The Dark Paradise Trilogy, Author: Isadora Brown
Title: Hard Pressed, Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
Title: Dangerous Deceptions: Book 2 of The Dark Series Spin-off, Author: Cate Mckoy
Title: The Dark Army (Keeper of the Realms Series #2), Author: Marcus Alexander
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Title: The Dark Prince: Kingdom of Emperia Book Two, Author: K C Wanamaker
Title: The Dark Water (Well's End Series #2), Author: Seth Fishman

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