Title: Theatre Symposium, Vol. 24: Theatre and Space, Author: Becky K. Becker
Title: Theatre Symposium, V 21: Ritual, Religion, and Theatre, Author: Edward Bert Wallace
Title: Theatre and Politics in the Twentieth Century, Author: John Countryman
Title: Theatre Symposium: A Journal of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, Author: Paul Castagno
Title: Theatre Symposium: Theatre and Moral Order, Volume 15, Author: M. Scott Phillips
Title: Theatre Symposium, Vol. 22: Broadway and Beyond: Commercial Theatre Considered, Author: David S. Thompson
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Title: Theatre at the Margins: The Political, the Popular, the Personal, the Profane, Author: John W. Frick
Title: Theatre and Travel: Tours of the South (Theatre Symposium Series), Author: Susan Kattwinkel
Title: Theatre Symposium, V 20: Gods and Groundlings: Historical Theatrical Audiences, Author: Edward Bert Wallace
Title: Comedy Tonight!, Author: Jay Malarcher
Title: Constructions of Race in Southern Theatre: From Federalism to the Federal Theatre Project, Author: Noreen Barnes-Mclain
Title: Theatre Symposium, V 19: Theatre and Film, Author: J K Curry
Title: Theatre, War, and Propaganda: 1930-2005: Theatre Symposium, Volume 14, Author: M. Scott Phillips
Title: Theatre Symposium, V17: Outdoor Performance, Author: Jay Malarcher
Title: Theatre Symposium, Vol. 23: Theatre and Youth, Author: David S. Thompson
Title: Crosscurrents in the Drama: East and West, Author: Stanley Vincent Longman
Title: Representations of Gender on the 19th-Century American Stage, Author: Noreen Barnes-Mclain
Title: Theatre in the Antebellum South, Author: Philip G. Hill
Title: Theatre Symposium, Vol. 27: Theatre and Embodiment, Author: Sarah McCarroll
Title: Theatre Symposium, Vol. 26: In Other Habits: Theatrical Costume, Author: Sarah McCarroll

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