Title: Democracy - The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy and Natural Order / Edition 1, Author: Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Title: Environmental Justice: Discourses in International Political Economy, Energy and Environmental Policy, Author: John Byrne
Title: American Political Cartoons: From 1754 to 2010 / Edition 1, Author: Sandy Northrop
Title: God of the Machine, Author: Isabel Paterson
Title: Origins and Doctrine of Fascism: With Selections from Other Works / Edition 1, Author: Giovanni Gentile
Title: An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy / Edition 1, Author: Gunnar Myrdal
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Title: A New Dictionary of the Social Sciences / Edition 2, Author: G. Duncan Mitchell
Title: Freud, Alder, and Jung: Discovering the Mind, Author: Walter Kaufmann
Title: The Vital Center: The Politics of Freedom / Edition 1, Author: Arthur M. Schlesinger
Title: The Big Change: America Transforms Itself 1900-1950 / Edition 1, Author: Frederick Lewis Allen
Title: The Beginnings of Critical Realism in America: Main Currents in American Thought, Author: Vernon Parrington
Title: Austria in the Twentieth Century / Edition 1, Author: Gunter Bischof
Title: Oral Tradition: A Study in Historical Methodology / Edition 1, Author: Jan Vansina
Title: Cheating and Deception, Author: J. Bowyer Bell
Title: The Opium of the Intellectuals / Edition 1, Author: Raymond Aron
Title: Death by Government: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900 / Edition 1, Author: R. J. Rummel
Title: Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research / Edition 1, Author: Barney G Glaser
Title: Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith / Edition 1, Author: James H Billington
Title: Human Behavior Theory and Social Work Practice / Edition 3, Author: Roberta R. Greene
Title: The Generative Principle of Political Constitutions: Studies on Sovereignty, Religion and Enlightenment, Author: Joseph de Maistre

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