Title: A Sense Of Place, Author: Veda Boyd Jones
Title: Tend The Light, Author: Susannah Hayden
Title: Em's Only Chance, Author: Rosey Dow
Title: Song Of The Cimarron, Author: Kelly R. Stevens
Title: Silent Stranger, Author: Peggy Darty
Title: A Different Kind of Heaven, Author: Tammy Shuttlesworth
Title: Prize Package, Author: Catherine Runyon
Title: If the Prospect Pleases, Author: Sally Laity
Title: Out Of The Darkness, Author: Dianna Crawford
Title: My Enemy, My Love, Author: Darlene Mindrup
Title: Faith In The Great Southland: Book 1, Author: Mary Hawkins
Title: Born For This Love, Author: Brenda Bancroft
Title: Margaret's Quest, Author: Muncy Chapman
Title: Hope In The Great Southland: Book 2, Author: Mary Hawkins
Title: No More Sea, Author: Gloria Brandt
Title: Love In The Great Southland: Book 3, Author: Mary Hawkins
Title: A Tender Melody, Author: Birdie L Etchison
Title: Stranger's Bride, Author: Denise Hunter
Title: Meet My Sister Tess, Author: Kristin Billerbeck
Title: Behind The Mask, Author: Lauralee Bliss

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