Title: White River Song, Author: Frances Devine
Title: Picket Fence Pursuit, Author: Jennifer Johnson
Title: Real Treasure, Author: Tish Davis
Title: Seneca Shadows, Author: Lauralee Bliss
Title: Love Is Kind, Author: Joyce Livingston
Title: Thunder Bay, Author: Beth Loughner
Title: Listening to Her Heart, Author: Joyce Livingston
Title: The Long Trail To Love, Author: Pamela Griffin
Title: Chance Of A Lifetime, Author: Kelly Eileen Hake
Title: For Better or Worse, Author: Jennifer Johnson
Title: Broken Bow, Author: Irene B. Brand
Title: Promises, Promises, Author: Amber Miller
Title: The Wish, Author: Lauralee Bliss
Title: Alas My Love, Author: Tracie Peterson
Title: Picture Bride, Author: Yvonne Lehman
Title: Sweet Forever, Author: Ramona K. Cecil
Title: Forever Yours, Author: Tracie Peterson
Title: The Lightkeeper's Daughter, Author: Paige Winship Dooly
Title: A Bouquet for Iris, Author: Diane T. Ashley
Title: White River Sunrise, Author: Frances Devine

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