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Title: The Fashion System / Edition 1, Author: Roland Barthes
Title: Paradox of Plenty: A Social History of Eating in Modern America / Edition 1, Author: Harvey Levenstein
Title: Narrative and the Cultural Construction of Illness and Healing / Edition 1, Author: Cheryl Mattingly
Title: The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle against America's Veterans / Edition 1, Author: Aaron Glantz
Title: Ngoma: Discourses of Healing in Central and Southern Africa / Edition 1, Author: John M. Janzen
Title: Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen: Nature, Knowledge, Imagery in an Ancient Chinese Medical Text: With an appendix: The Doctrine of the Five Periods and Six Qi in the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen / Edition 1, Author: Paul U. Unschuld
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Title: Uninsured in America, Updated: Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity / Edition 1, Author: Susan Sered
Title: The Queen of Fats: Why Omega-3s Were Removed from the Western Diet and What We Can Do to Replace Them / Edition 1, Author: Susan Allport
Title: Looking Within: How X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Other Medical Images Are Created, and How They Help Physicians Save Lives / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Brinton Wolbarst
Title: Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time / Edition 1, Author: Toni Yancey
Title: Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery / Edition 1, Author: Virginia Blum
Title: How Everyday Products Make People Sick, Updated and Expanded: Toxins at Home and in the Workplace / Edition 1, Author: Paul D. Blanc
Title: Undertaker of the Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Andrews
Title: Essential Subtleties on the Silver Sea: The Yin-Hai Jing-Wei: A Chinese Classic on Ophthalmology / Edition 1, Author: Jürgen Kovacs
Title: The Human Motor: Energy, Fatigue, and the Origins of Modernity / Edition 1, Author: Anson Rabinbach
Title: Body Work: Beauty and Self-Image in American Culture / Edition 1, Author: Debra  Gimlin
Title: Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist / Edition 1, Author: Paul Linde
Title: Dangerous Digestion: The Politics of American Dietary Advice / Edition 1, Author: E. Melanie DuPuis
Title: Customers and Patrons of the Mad-Trade: The Management of Lunacy in Eighteenth-Century London / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Andrews
Title: Madness at Home: The Psychiatrist, the Patient, and the Family in England, 1820-1860 / Edition 1, Author: Akihito Suzuki

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