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Title: Chinese / Edition 1, Author: Oliver Moore
Title: Vocal Tracks: Performance and Sound Media / Edition 1, Author: Jacob Smith
Title: Writing Signs: The Fatimid Public Text / Edition 1, Author: Irene A. Bierman
Title: The Atlas of Global Conservation: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities to Make a Difference / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Hoekstra
Title: Siting Translation: History, Post-Structuralism, and the Colonial Context / Edition 1, Author: Tejaswini Niranjana
Title: Isami's House: Three Centuries of a Japanese Family / Edition 1, Author: Gail Lee Bernstein
Title: Language Contact, Creolization, and Genetic Linguistics / Edition 1, Author: Sarah Grey Thomason
Title: Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality, and Modernity / Edition 1, Author: Laurel Kendall
Title: Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East since1945 / Edition 1, Author: Melani McAlister
Title: Screenwriting for a Global Market: Selling Your Scripts from Hollywood to Hong Kong / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Horton
Title: Places of Inquiry: Research and Advanced Education in Modern Universities / Edition 1, Author: Burton R. Clark
Title: The State of China Atlas: Mapping the World's Fastest-Growing Economy / Edition 1, Author: Robert Benewick
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Title: Passing By: Gender and Public Harassment / Edition 1, Author: Carol Brooks Gardner
Title: In Praise of Later Roman Emperors: The Panegyrici Latini / Edition 1, Author: C. E. V. Nixon
Title: Greece / Edition 1, Author: Stefania Ratto
Title: The Railway Journey: The Industrialization and Perception of Time and Space / Edition 1, Author: Wolfgang Schivelbusch
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Title: The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan / Edition 1, Author: Melvyn C. Goldstein
Title: Radio Active: Advertising and Consumer Activism, 1935-1947 / Edition 1, Author: Kathleen M. Newman
Title: The State of the Middle East, Revised and Updated: An Atlas of Conflict and Resolution / Edition 1, Author: Dan Smith
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