Title: Electrical And Optical Breakdown Of The Quantum Hall Effect, Author: Gabriel Vasile
Title: Embodiment and the Natural Correlates of Gestures and Word Meanings, Author: Analia Arevalo
Title: The Secret Books Of The Bogomils, Author: Milena Varzonovtseva
Title: Dual Language Education, Author: Lisa R. Figueroa
Title: Creating Architectural Photo Models Using Close Range Photogrammetry, Author: Wilfried Karel
Title: Effective Reading Remediation at the College Level, Author: Faith Christiansen
Title: The Cartography Of Alexander Von Humboldt, Author: Robert Sherwood
Paperback $99.90 $111.00 Current price is $99.90, Original price is $111.00.
Title: I Was So Much Older Then - Change And Self-Reflection In The Tropology Of Bob Dylan's Lyrics, 1962-66, Author: Alexander Unhjem
Title: Bayesian Clustering of Categorical Time Series, Author: Christoph Pamminger
Paperback $80.10 $89.00 Current price is $80.10, Original price is $89.00.
Title: Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry in Taiwan, Author: Hui-O Yang
Title: Professionalism in Physician Assistant Education - a Modified Delphi Study, Author: Barbara Poetzsch
Title: Analysis of Cytotoxicity of Anticancer Drugs, Author: Zhimin Tao
Paperback $68.40 $76.00 Current price is $68.40, Original price is $76.00.
Title: The Trips Agreement and Developing Countries - Fault Lines in the World Trade Organization, Author: Daya Shanker
Title: Retrograde Cellular Transport Of Herpes Simplex Virus, Author: Mark Douglas
Title: Leaving The Psychiatric Hospital, Author: Erica Dillon
Title: Numerical Models of the Early Stages of Planet Formation - A New Perspective on the Role of Turbulence, Author: Anders Johansen
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Title: The Impact Of Ethnicity On Volunteerism In Sub-Saharan Africa, Author: Shadidi Sia-Maat
Title: The Discovery Of Truth By Experiencing Lies As Lies, Author: Eliot Sitt
Title: Consensus About Program Quality, Author: Wendi Beamish
Title: Fitting a Background Map to Spatial Data, Author: Alexander Kowarik
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