Title: Strategic Planning in Higher Education, Author: Margaret Dalrymple
Title: Designing a Modern Rendering Engine - Design Decisions and Implementation Details, Author: Matthias Bauchinger
Title: Enhancing Network Lifetime Using Multiple Base Stations In Wsn, Author: Amar Prakash Azad
Title: Spanish As A Heritage Language In The United States - A Study Of Speakers' Register Variation, Author: Ana Sanchez-Munoz
Title: Learn Telepathy, Author: Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi
Title: Gender Difference In The Balkans, Author: Suzana Milevska
Title: Evaluation Strategies For Pervasive Games, Author: Andre Kuntze
Title: Successful Strategies For Clarinet Reed Making, Author: D.M.A. Randall S. Paul
Title: Hepatitis C Virus, Author: Sanaullah Khan
Title: Progressive Gender Power Hierarchy In Seven Tigrigna Novels, Author: Gebreyesus Teklu Bahta
Title: Owo, Author: J. Oladipo Olugbadehan
Title: The Multinational Significance Of Yoga, Author: Molly Terhune
Title: Linguistic Contents In Grades 5-8 English Textbooks, Author: Eba Garoma
Title: I Was So Much Older Then - Change And Self-Reflection In The Tropology Of Bob Dylan's Lyrics, 1962-66, Author: Alexander Unhjem
Title: Emotional Intelligence in Educational Leadership, Author: Sandra Curry
Title: Cooperating Teacher Selection And Preparation In Music Teacher Education, Author: Michael Zemek
Title: Pre-Service Teacher Preparation for Managing Behavior Problems, Author: Alison Shook
Title: The Implementation Of Active Learning Methods, Author: Wandimu Tegegne
Title: The Future of Medicare, Author: Jonathan T. Swanson
Title: An Application Of General Strain Theory To Korean Adolescents, Author: Jung-Mi Kim

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