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Title: Before Kukulkan: Bioarchaeology of Maya Life, Death, and Identity at Classic Period Yaxuna, Author: Vera Tiesler
Title: Social Skins of the Head: Body Beliefs and Ritual in Ancient Mesoamerica and the Andes, Author: Vera Tiesler
Title: Smoke, Flames, and the Human Body in Mesoamerican Ritual Practice, Author: Vera Tiesler
Title: New Perspectives on Human Sacrifice and Ritual Body Treatments in Ancient Maya Society / Edition 1, Author: Vera Tiesler
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Title: The Bioarchaeology of Artificial Cranial Modifications: New Approaches to Head Shaping and its Meanings in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and Beyond, Author: Vera Tiesler
Title: Janaab' Pakal of Palenque: Reconstructing the Life and Death of a Maya Ruler, Author: Vera Tiesler
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