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Title: How Sex Got Screwed Up: The Ghosts that Haunt Our Sexual Pleasure - Book One: From the Stone Age to the Enlightenment, Author: Jon Knowles
Title: How Sex Got Screwed Up: The Ghosts that Haunt Our Sexual Pleasure - Book Two: From Victoria to Our Own Times, Author: Jon Knowles
Title: Forget Me Not: The Neuroethical Case Against Memory Manipulation, Author: Peter A. DePergola II
Title: Random Destiny: How the Vietnam War Draft Lottery Shaped a Generation, Author: Wesley Abney
Title: Questioning History: 16 Essential Questions That Will Deepen Your Understanding of the Past, Author: Joe Regenbogen
Title: American Untouchables: America & the Racial Contract: A Historical Perspective on Race-Based Politics, Author: Andre Smith
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Title: Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models, Author: Jose Luis Torres Chacon
Title: Diary as Literature: Through the Lens of Multiculturalism in America, Author: Angela Hooks
Title: Marketing & Economics: An Integrative Approach to Making Effective Business Decisions in the Global Marketing World., Author: Sultan Kermally
Title: The Rig-Vedic and Post-Rig-Vedic Polity (1500 BCE-500 BCE), Author: R.U.S Prasad
Title: Spiritualities, ethics, and implications of human enhancement and artificial intelligence, Author: Ray Kurzweil
Title: Self-Preservation at the Centre of Personality: Superego and Ego Ideal in the Regulation of Safety, Author: Ralf-Peter Behrendt
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Title: The National System of Political Economy, Author: Friedrich List
Title: Revitalizing History: Recognizing the Struggles, Lives, and Achievements of African American and Women Art Educators (B&W Paperback Edition), Author: Ami Kantawala
Title: Capital, capabilities and culture: a human development approach to student and school transformation, Author: Cliona Hannon
Title: Liberal Education and the Idea of the University: Arguments and Reflections on Theory and Practice, Author: Karim Dharamsi
Title: Currency Risk Management: Selected Research Papers, Author: M. S. V. Prasad
Title: Urban Walking -The Flâneur as an Icon of Metropolitan Culture in Literature and Film, Author: Oliver Bock
Title: Understanding Political Persuasion: Linguistic and Rhetorical Analysis, Author: Douglas Mark Ponton
Title: Philosophy of Forgiveness: Vol III, Author: Gregory L. Bock

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