Title: Exploring Xenakis: Performance, Practice, Philosophy, Author: Alfia Nakipbekova
Title: Financial Management: A practical and accessible introduction for students and entrepreneurs, Author: John Smeur
Title: Value-based Marketing Strategy, Author: Santiago Lopez
Title: LIBERATION PHILOSOPHY: From the Buddha to Omar Khayyam, Author: Mostafa Vaziri
Title: Cultural Encounters: Cross-disciplinary studies from the Late Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, Author: Désirée Cappa
Title: Empathic Teaching: Promoting Social Justice in the Contemporary Classroom, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: A History of the Seventies: The political, cultural, social and economic developments that shaped the modern world, Author: Bas Dianda
Title: Documentary as Autoethnography: A Case Study Based on the Changing Surnames of Women, Author: Hande Çayir
Title: Climate Change Perception and Changing Agents in Africa & South Asia, Author: Suiven John Paul Tume
Title: Perplexing Patriarchies: Fatherhood Among Black Opponents and White Defenders of Slavery, Author: Pierre Islam
Title: Landmarks in the History of Science: Great Scientific Discoveries from a Global-Historical Perspective, Author: Basil Evangelidis
Title: The Road to Parnassus: Artist Strategies in Contemporary Art: Rise and Success of Glasgow Artist Douglas Gordon and of the wider YBA generation, Author: Diego Mantoan
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Title: Illness as Method: Beckett, Kafka, Mann, Woolf and Eliot, Author: Jayjit Sarkar
Title: The Great Illusion, Author: Norman Angell
Title: Mastering the Art of Co-Teaching: Building More Collaborative Classrooms, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Making Strangers: Outsiders, Aliens and Foreigners, Author: Abbes Maazaoui
Title: God: A brief philosophical introduction, Author: K.H.A. Esmail
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Title: Stock-Flow-Consistent Models and Institutional Variety, Author: Amelia Correa
Title: The Rig-Vedic and Post-Rig-Vedic Polity (1500 BCE-500 BCE), Author: R.U.S Prasad
Title: Showing and Telling: Film Heritage Institutes and Their Performance of Public Accountability, Author: Nico De Klerk

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