Title: Does Happiness Write Blank Pages? On Stoicism and Artistic Creativity, Author: Piotr Stankiewicz
Title: The African Mother Tongue and Mathematical Ideas: A Diopian Pluridisciplinary Approach, Author: Abdul Karim Bangura
Title: Random Destiny: How the Vietnam War Draft Lottery Shaped a Generation, Author: Wesley Abney
NOOK Book $39.49 $52.00 Current price is $39.49, Original price is $52.00.
Title: Questioning History: 16 Essential Questions That Will Deepen Your Understanding of the Past, Author: Joe Regenbogen
Title: Value-based Marketing Strategy: Pricing and Costs for Relationship Marketing, Author: Santiago Lopez
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Title: Bioethics in Africa: Theories and Praxis, Author: Yaw A. Frimpong-Mansoh
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Title: Generational Poverty, Author: Adam D. Vass Gal
Title: Art Movements and The Discourse of Acknowledgements and Distinctions, Author: Themba Tsotsi
Title: Women in Industry, Author: Edith Abbott
Title: The Idea of Sport in Western Culture from Antiquity to the Contemporary Era, Author: Saverio Battente
Title: Metaphysical and Mid-Late Tang Poetry: A Baroque Comparison, Author: Pengfei Wang
Title: Leonardo da Vinci's Treatise of Painting, Author: Richard Shaw Pooler
Title: Bertrand Russell's Life and Legacy, Author: Peter Stone
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Title: Philosophy of Forgiveness - Volume I: Explorations of Forgiveness: Personal, Relational, and Religious, Author: Christopher Cowley
Title: Generational Poverty: An Economic Look at the Culture of the Poor, Author: Adam D Vass Gal
Title: Talks on Education, Art, and Philosophy, Author: Ilker Aysel
Title: Ecologies in Southeast Asian Literatures: Histories, Myths and Societies, Author: Chi Pham
Title: Captivating Campuses: Proven Practices that Promote College Student Persistence, Engagement and Success, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Paris, a Concise Musical History, Author: Guy Hartopp
Title: Philosophy of Forgiveness - Volume II: New Dimensions of Forgiveness, Author: Elisabetta Bertolino

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