Title: The Rig-Vedic and Post-Rig-Vedic Polity (1500 BCE-500 BCE), Author: R.U.S Prasad
Title: Politics and Web 2.0: The Participation Gap, Author: Gisela Goncalves
Title: Politics and Web 2.0: The Participation Gap, Author: Peter Dahlgren
NOOK Book $48.99 $65.00 Current price is $48.99, Original price is $65.00.
Title: Illness as Method: Beckett, Kafka, Mann, Woolf and Eliot, Author: Jayjit Sarkar
Title: Agricultural Sector Issues in the European Periphery: Productivity, Export and Development Challenges, Author: Anastasios Karasavvoglou
Title: God: A Brief Philosophical Introduction, Author: Esmail Karim
Title: In the making: Digital fabrication and disability, Author: Ursula Kate Hurley
Title: Essays in Post-Critical Philosophy of Technology, Author: Mihály Héder
Title: Boom and Bust: Ecuador's Financial Rollercoaster, Author: Pablo R. Izurieta Andrade
NOOK Book $40.99 $54.00 Current price is $40.99, Original price is $54.00.
Title: Cinematosophical Introduction to the Theory of Archaeology: Understanding Archaeology Through Cinema, Philosophy, Literature and some Incongruous Extremes, Author: Aleksander Dzbynski
Title: Logoteunison: Literary Easternization in Orhan Pamuk's Works, Author: Saman Hashemipour
Title: Captivating Campuses: Proven Practices that Promote College Student Persistence, Engagement and Success, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Creating Compassionate Classrooms: Understanding the Continuum of Disabilities and Effective Educational Interventions, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Financial Innovation: Theories, Models and Regulation, Author: G. V. Satya Sekhar
Title: The Knowledge Plexus, Author: George Chorafakis
Title: City of Children, Author: Francesco Tonucci
Title: Landmarks in the History of Science: Great Scientific Discoveries from a Global-Historical Perspective, Author: Basil Evangelidis
Title: rock philosophy: meditations on art and desire, Author: Torgeir Fjeld
Title: Forms of Performance: From J.S. Bach to M. Alunno (1972-), Author: Michael Maul
Title: Lucian Blaga: Selected Philosophical Extracts, Author: Henrieta Ani?oara ?erban

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