Title: Random Destiny: How the Vietnam War Draft Lottery Shaped a Generation, Author: Wesley Abney
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Title: Questioning History: 16 Essential Questions That Will Deepen Your Understanding of the Past, Author: Joe Regenbogen
Title: Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models, Author: Jose Luis Torres Chacon
Title: Marketing & Economics: An Integrative Approach to Making Effective Business Decisions in the Global Marketing World., Author: Sultan Kermally
Title: Self-Preservation at the Centre of Personality: Superego and Ego Ideal in the Regulation of Safety, Author: Ralf-Peter Behrendt
NOOK Book $35.49 $47.00 Current price is $35.49, Original price is $47.00.
Title: The National System of Political Economy, Author: Friedrich List
Title: A Postcard View of Hell: One Doughboy's Souvenir Album of the First World War, Author: Frank Jacob
Title: Convergence of ESP with other disciplines, Author: Nadezda Stojkovic
Title: The Language of Emily Dickinson, Author: Nicole Panizza
Title: The African Mother Tongue and Mathematical Ideas: A Diopian Pluridisciplinary Approach, Author: Abdul Karim Bangura
Title: Ideas, Identity and Art of Daniel Spoerri: Contingencies and Encounters of an 'Artistic Animator', Author: Leda Cempellin
Title: Selflessness in Business, Author: Dominika Ochnik
Title: Blues in the 21st Century: Myth, Self-Expression and Trans-Culturalism, Author: Douglas Mark Ponton
Title: Market Orientation of Nonprofit Organizations: An Indian Perspective, Author: Renjini D.
Title: Relearning History: A Question-Driven Approach to the Study of the Past, Author: Joe Regenbogen
Title: Captivating Campuses: Proven Practices that Promote College Student Persistence, Engagement and Success, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Introducción a la Macroeconomía Computacional, Author: Anelí Bongers
Title: Yoruba Philosophy and the Seeds of Enlightenment: Advancing Yoruba Philosophy, Author: Yemi D. Prince
Title: Mustard Seeds in the Public Square: Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society, Author: Jonathan Cole
Title: Bioethics in Africa: Theories and Praxis, Author: Yaw A. Frimpong-Mansoh

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