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Title: Forms of Performance: From J.S. Bach to M. Alunno (1972-), Author: Michael Maul
Title: Live Deep and Suck all the Marrow of Life: H.D. Thoreau's Literary Legacy, Author: María Laura Arce Álvarez
Title: Mustard Seeds in the Public Square: Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society, Author: Jonathan Cole
Title: Making Strangers: Outsiders, Aliens and Foreigners, Author: Abbes Maazaoui
Title: The Age of Artificial Intelligence: An Exploration, Author: Steven S. Gouveia
Title: Reintroducing Philosophy: Thinking as the Gathering of Civilization, Author: Anthony F. Shaker
Title: Capital, capabilities and culture: a human development approach to student and school transformation, Author: Cliona Hannon
Title: Ecologies in Southeast Asian Literatures: Histories, Myths and Societies, Author: Chi Pham
Title: Empathic Teaching: Promoting Social Justice in the Contemporary Classroom, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Mastering the Art of Co-Teaching: Building More Collaborative Classrooms, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Conversations With Food, Author: Dorothy Chansky
Title: Convergence of ESP with other disciplines, Author: Nadezda Stojkovic
Title: Modernity, Civilization and the Return to History, Author: Anthony F Shaker
Title: Impact of Reason on Faith, Ethics and Belief, Author: Geran F Dodson
Title: Self-Preservation at the Center of Personality: Superego and Ego Ideal in the Regulation of Safety, Author: Ralf-Peter Behrendt
Title: Common Law and Civil Law Today: Convergence and Divergence, Author: Marko Novakovic
Title: Re-Imagining Old Age: Wellbeing, Care and Participation, Author: Marian Barnes
Title: Positioning and Stance in Political Discourse: The Individual, the Party, and the Party Line, Author: Lawrence N. Berlin
Title: Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Directing the Narrative and Shot Design: The Art and Craft of Directing (Paperback, B&W), Author: Lubomir Kocka

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