Title: The Knowledge Plexus, Author: George Chorafakis
Title: Solipsism, Physical Things and Personal Perceptual Space: Solipsist Ontology, Epistemology and Communication, Author: Safak Ural
Title: Contact, Community, and Connections: Current Approaches to Spanish in Multilingual Populations, Author: Scott M. Alvord
Title: Imperative of Economic Growth in the Eurozone: Competitiveness, Capital Flows and Structural Reforms, Author: Lubor Lacina
Title: Madness Reimagined: Envisioning a Better System of Mental Health in America, Author: Leonard A. Steverson
Title: Positioning and Stance in Political Discourse: The Individual, the Party, and the Party Line, Author: Lawrence N. Berlin
Title: Nomads of Mauritania [Paperback, Premium Color], Author: Brigitte Himpan
Title: The Dynamics of Bride Price in Zimbabwe and the UK Diaspora, Author: Ottis Mubaiwa
Title: Logoteunison: Literary Easternization in Orhan Pamuk's Works, Author: Saman Hashemipour
Title: (Aleph-naught): A play & a plan, Author: Nandita Dinesh
Title: City of Children, Author: Francesco Tonucci
Title: Mustard Seeds in the Public Square: Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society, Author: Jonathan Cole
Title: Law and Economics: Market, Non-market and Network Transactions, Author: Panta Murali Prasad
Title: Communication Images in Derek Walcott's Poetry, Author: Sadia Gill
Title: Memos from a Theatre Lab: Spaces, Relationships, and Immersive Theatre, Author: Nandita Dinesh
Title: Forms of Performance: From J.S. Bach to M. Alunno (1972-), Author: Michael Maul
Title: Metaphysical and Mid-Late Tang Poetry: A Baroque Comparison, Author: Pengfei Wang
Title: Roots And Routes: Poetics at New College of California, Author: Patrick James Dunagan
Title: Empathic Teaching: Promoting Social Justice in the Contemporary Classroom, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Climate Change and Sub-Saharan Africa: The Vulnerability and Adaptation of Food Supply Chain Actors, Author: John K. M. Kuwornu

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