Title: International Opportunities in the Arts (B&W), Author: Mary Sherman
Title: Indigenous People and the Christian Faith: A New Way Forward, Author: William H. U. Anderson
Title: Relearning History: A Question-Driven Approach to the Study of the Past, Author: Joe Regenbogen
Title: Leonora Carrington: Living Legacies, Author: Ailsa Cox
Title: Spoilt for Choice: How senior managers select professional advisors, Author: Wienke Seeger
Title: Captivating Campuses: Proven Practices that Promote College Student Persistence, Engagement and Success, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Revisiting Richard Rorty, Author: Pedro Góis Moreira
Title: Watching in Tongues: Multilingualism on American Television in the 21st Century, Author: James G. Mitchell
Title: Introducción a la Macroeconomía Computacional, Author: Anelí Bongers
Title: Yoruba Philosophy and the Seeds of Enlightenment: Advancing Yoruba Philosophy, Author: Yemi D. Prince
Title: Mustard Seeds in the Public Square: Between and Beyond Theology, Philosophy, and Society, Author: Jonathan Cole
Title: Bioethics in Africa: Theories and Praxis, Author: Yaw A. Frimpong-Mansoh
Title: Exploring Xenakis: Performance, Practice, Philosophy, Author: Alfia Nakipbekova
Title: Financial Management: A practical and accessible introduction for students and entrepreneurs, Author: John Smeur
Title: Value-based Marketing Strategy, Author: Santiago Lopez
Title: Einstein for Anyone: A Quick Read - Second Revised Edition: A concise but up-to-date account of Albert Einstein's life, thought and major achievements., Author: David Topper
Title: LIBERATION PHILOSOPHY: From the Buddha to Omar Khayyam, Author: Mostafa Vaziri
Title: Conversations With Food, Author: Dorothy Chansky
Title: Political Corruption in a World in Transition, Author: Jonathan Mendilow
Title: Cultural Encounters: Cross-disciplinary studies from the Late Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, Author: Désirée Cappa

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