Title: God: A brief philosophical introduction, Author: K.H.A. Esmail
NOOK Book $42.99 $56.70 Current price is $42.99, Original price is $56.70.
Title: Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being, Author: Nicholas D. Young
Title: Nigeria's Resource Wars, Author: Egodi Uchendu
Title: Sociology of Love: The Agapic Dimension of Societal Life, Author: Gennaro Iorio
Title: Philosophy's Treason: Studies in Philosophy and Translation, Author: D. M. Spitzer
Title: The Political Economy of the Space Age: How Science and Technology Shape the Evolution of Human Society, Author: Andrea Sommariva
Title: Networks of International Trade and Investment: Understanding globalisation through the lens of network analysis, Author: Sara Gorgoni
Title: In the Sphere of the Personal: New Perspectives in the Philosophy of Persons, Author: James Beauregard
Title: Addiction Reimagined: Challenging Views of an Enduring Social Problem, Author: Leonard A. Steverson
Title: Madness Reimagined: Envisioning a Better System of Mental Health in America, Author: Leonard A. Steverson
Title: Free Will, Neuroethics, Psychology and Theology, Author: Geran F Dodson
Title: Hero and Hero-Worship: Fandom in Modern India, Author: Rahul Chaturvedi
Title: Neither Capital, Nor Class: A Critical Analysis of Pierre Bourdieu's Theoretical Framework, Author: Jacek Tittenbrun
Title: Persons, Institutions, and Trust: Essays in Honor of Thomas O. Buford, Author: Richard Prust
Title: On the Principles of Social Gravity: How Human Systems Work, from the Family to the United Nations (Revised Paperback Edition), Author: Tobore Tobore
Title: The Distinction of Human Being: An Introduction to the Logotectonic Method of Conception, Author: Thomas Kruger Caplan
NOOK Book $45.49 $60.00 Current price is $45.49, Original price is $60.00.
Title: Parallaxic Praxis: Multimodal Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Research Design [Paperback, Premium Color], Author: Pauline Sameshima
Title: The Great Illusion, Author: Norman Angell
Title: Paris, a Concise Musical History, Author: Guy Hartopp
Title: Onomastics between Sacred and Profane, Author: Oliviu Felecan

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