Title: Snatch
Director: Guy Ritchie
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Title: Company of Heroes
Title: Absolution
Director: Keoni Waxman
Title: Blood Trap
Title: Ambushed
Director: Giorgio Serafini
Title: Blood of Redemption
Title: Blood Out
Director: Jason Hewitt
Title: Way of the Wicked
Title: Decommissioned
Title: Locked Down
Director: Daniel Zirilli
Title: Mysterious Island
Title: Toxin
Director: Jason Dudek
Title: Age of the Dragons
Director: Ryan Little
Title: 6 Ways to Die
Director: Nadeem Soumah
Title: World's Toughest Cops: On the Front Line of the War against Crime, Author: Vinnie Jones
Title: Lost Without You: Loving and Losing Tanya, Author: Vinnie Jones
Title: It's Been Emotional, Author: Vinnie Jones
Title: Megindító meccs volt: az én sztorim, Author: Vinnie Jones