Title: Always A Guest: Speaking of Faith Far From Home, Author: Barbara Brown Taylor
Title: UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality, Author: Colby Martin
Title: God Is In The Manger, Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Title: A Bigger Table, Expanded Edition with Study Guide: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community, Author: John Pavlovitz
Title: Sabbath as Resistance, New Edition with Study Guide: Saying No to the Culture of Now, Author: Walter Brueggemann
Title: After Evangelicalism: The Path to a New Christianity, Author: David P. Gushee
Title: A Weary World: Reflections for a Blue Christmas, Author: Kathy Escobar
Title: The Gospel according to Peanuts: 25th Anniversary Edition, Author: Robert L. Short
Title: Lent in Plain Sight: A Devotion through Ten Objects, Author: Jill J. Duffield
Title: Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians, Author: Austen Hartke
Title: The Practice of Pastoral Care, Revised and Expanded Edition: A Postmodern Approach, Author: Carrie Doehring
Paperback $27.00 $30.00 Current price is $27.00, Original price is $30.00.
Title: From Judgment to Hope: A Study on the Prophets, Author: Walter Brueggemann
Title: Soul Feast, Original Workbook, Author: Marjorie J. Thompson
Title: Mark for Everyone / Edition 2, Author: N. T. Wright
Paperback $16.20 $18.00 Current price is $16.20, Original price is $18.00.
Title: Good* White Racist: Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice, Author: Kerry Connelly
Title: The Gospel of Luke, Author: William Barclay
Title: A Way other than Our Own: Devotions for Lent, Author: Walter Brueggemann
Title: Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes: An Advent Study, Author: Cynthia M. Campbell
Title: Paul for Everyone: Romans, Part One: Chapters 1-8, Author: N. T. Wright
Title: Names for the Messiah: An Advent Study, Author: Walter Brueggemann

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