Title: The War Of The Worlds, Author: Tony Wright
Title: Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg, Author: C. W. Lovatt
Title: Vengeance, Author: Nick Stead
Title: Death Rattle, Author: David Jewell
Title: Sinema 2, Author: Rod Glenn
Title: Hope's Vengeance, Author: Ricki Thomas
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Title: Paint This Town Red, Author: A. J. Kirby
Title: When Brave Men Shudder: The Scottish origins of Dracula, Author: Mike Shepherd
Title: Waging War To Shake The Cold, Author: Chic McSherry
Title: Hunters & Hearts, Author: James Iverson
Title: Josiah Stubb: Interim, Author: C W Lovatt
Title: Blood From The Quill, Author: Victoria Watson
Title: If Only: Living in the shadows of the Moors Murders, Author: Terry West
Title: Black Park, Author: Ricki Thomas
Title: 11: 59, Author: David Williams
Title: Black Shadows, Author: Simon Swift
Title: Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India, Author: C W Lovatt
Title: Quid Est Veritas: The Tynemouth Werewolves, Author: Martin Clephane
Title: Sinema, Author: Rod Glenn
Title: How Mean is my Valley (Cuthbert Book 2), Author: Patrick Barrett

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