Title: Cat Tails, Author: Various Authors
Title: Seventh Daughter, Author: Ronnie Seagren
Title: A Story of Inyodo, Author: Carol Hightshoe
Title: Lost Trails 2: Fogotten Stories of the Weird West, Author: Cynthia Ward
Title: Chaos Embraced, Author: Carol Hightshoe
Title: Misunderstood, Author: Various Authors
Title: Under a Sea of Stars: Whisper of Fate, Author: Dakota Frank
Title: Fanny & Dice, Author: Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Title: Wolves of the Comancheria, Author: Carol Hightshoe
Title: Unintended Consequences, Author: Various Authors
Title: Chaos Embraced: Book Two: Chaos Reigns Saga, Author: Carol Hightshoe
Title: Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit - 2nd edition, Author: Timothy Hightshoe
Title: Just Desserts, Author: Various Authors
Title: The Twelve, Author: James K Burk
Title: Murder Most Howl, Author: Margaret H Bonham
Title: Big-G City, Author: S.D. Matley
Title: Maya, Resurrected, Author: Kimberly Todd Wade
Title: Heart of the Dragon, Author: Carol Hightshoe
Title: Blind Eye, Author: F. Lynn Godfriaux
Title: Cat Tails: War Zone, Author: Various Authors

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