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Title: The Eagle on the Cactus: Traditional Stories from Mexico, Author: Angel Vigil
Title: Brazilian Folktales, Author: Livia Maria M. de Almeida
Title: Tales from the Heart of the Balkans, Author: Bonnie C. Marshall
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Title: A Tiger by the Tail and Other Stories from the Heart of Korea, Author: Lindy S. Curry
Title: Storytelling for Young Adults: A Guide to Tales for Teens, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Gail de Vos
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Title: The Celtic Breeze: Stories of the Otherworld from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, Author: Heather McNeil
Title: Far North Tales: Stories from the Peoples of the Arctic Circle, Author: Bonnie  Marshall
Title: The Magic Egg and Other Tales from Ukraine, Author: Barbara J. Suwyn
Title: Tales from the Taiwanese, Author: Gary M. Davison
Title: Polish Folktales and Folklore, Author: Michal Malinowski
Title: From the Winds of Manguito, Desde los vientos de Manguito: Cuban Folktales in English and Spanish, Cuentos folklóricos de Cuba, en inglés y español, Author: Elvia Perez
Title: Why Ostriches Don't Fly and Other Tales from the African Bush, Author: Irene Lewis
Title: A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish Tales, Author: Diane Edgecomb
Title: Indonesian Folktales, Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Title: Tibetan Folktales, Author: Haiwang Yuan
Title: Jasmine and Coconuts: South Indian Tales, Author: Cathy Spagnoli
Title: Thai Tales: Folktales of Thailand, Author: Supaporn Vathanaprida
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Title: Lao Folktales, Author: Wajuppa Tossa
Title: Pachamama Tales: Folklore from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, Author: Paula Martin
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Title: The Singing Top: Tales from Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, Author: Margaret Read MacDonald