Title: The Christmas Bird, Author: Elizabeth K. Howell
Title: Small Frye, Author: Richelle Smallwood
Title: Gideon and Lucia Befriend a Bully, Author: Leticia Soto
Title: Billy and Brook, Author: Glenda Barnes
Title: New Wings, Author: Laura Benefield
Title: Pet Fairy, Author: Christie Joy
Title: Ginger Giraffe's Watermelon Birthday Party, Author: Bobby Martin
Title: 'Twas Nine Months Before Christmas from Joseph's view, Author: JoAnn Lanier Moore
Title: Angel Wings, Author: Marilyn Melton Morrison
Title: The Three Billy Goats Gruff Find Jesus & The Three Little Souls, Author: Marie F. Dockery
Title: Little Jack, Author: Elizabeth Arnold Henderson
Title: Brite Saves the Day, Author: Shyla Garcia
Title: Papa's Bible Stories, Author: Jimmy McDonald
Title: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be..., Author: Camalla Ash
Title: Izzy Busy Bee, Author: Sheila C. Morgan
Title: DAVE'S FIRST CHRISTMAS, Author: Linda Horn
Title: A Claus of Many Colors, Author: Michael Maleski
Title: Beatrix the Floppy Ear Bunny, Author: Dawn Harvey Kittle
Title: Harriet Hippopotamus and Henry Hamster, Author: Bessie T. Wilkerson
Title: Little Aruka and The Teaching Angels, Author: Chance L. Landry

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