Title: Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television, Author: Ying Zhu
NOOK Book $14.49 $18.99 Current price is $14.49, Original price is $18.99.
Title: Soft Power With Chinese Characteristics: China's Campaign for Hearts and Minds / Edition 1, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Business Leadership Development in China / Edition 1, Author: Shuang Ren
Hardcover $175.50 $195.00 Current price is $175.50, Original price is $195.00.
Title: Modern Railway Engineering Consultation: Methods And Practices, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Law and Fair Work in China, Author: Sean Cooney
Title: Guide to Security Assurance for Cloud Computing, Author: Shao Ying Zhu
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Transforming Rural Communities in China and Beyond: Community Entrepreneurship and Enterprises, Infrastructure Development and Investment Modes, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Improving Competitiveness through Human Resource Development in China: The Role of Vocational Education / Edition 1, Author: Min Min
Title: Managing Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment: From Entry Strategy to Sustainable Development in Australia, Author: Xueli Huang
Title: Chinese Cinema during the Era of Reform: The Ingenuity of the System, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Television in Post-Reform China: Serial Dramas, Confucian Leadership and the Global Television Market, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Conducting Business in China and India: A Comparative and Contextual Analysis, Author: Deepak Sardana
Title: International Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Analysis, Author: Susan Freeman
NOOK Book $42.99 $48.95 Current price is $42.99, Original price is $48.95.
Title: Business Leaders and Leadership in Asia / Edition 1, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Weathering the Storm in China and India: Comparative Analysis of Societal Transformation under the Leadership of Xi and Modi, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Teacher Management in China: The Transformation of Educational Systems, Author: Eva Huang
NOOK Book $50.99 $59.95 Current price is $50.99, Original price is $59.95.
Title: The Political Economy of New Regionalism in Northeast Asia: Dynamics and Contradictions, Author: Chang Jae Lee
NOOK Book $36.99 $48.95 Current price is $36.99, Original price is $48.95.
Title: Modeling Dependence in the Design of Crop Insurance Contracts, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: Art, Politics, and Commerce in Chinese Cinema, Author: Ying Zhu
Title: TV Drama in China, Author: Ying Zhu

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