Title: Why Me?, Author: Shenice Gary
Title: Bully At School: A Bully's Perspective, Author: Nia Mya Reese
Title: Horse in Socks, Author: Lisa Lapka
Title: Healing Feelings, Author: Leslie Baker
Title: Peace In My World, Author: Syeda Mleeha Shah
Title: Angel of Winter, Author: Anne Elizabeth Dodd
Title: The Adventures of Pluffo the Parakeet, Author: Jean Austin-Long
Title: Ari vs The World: Putting God First, Author: Nichelle Kline
Title: Suzy and the Sewing Room Mystery, Author: Jamie Eppler
Title: Anna's Million Dollar Cow, Author: Mary Denk
Title: The Adventures of Waffalo: No Bullying!, Author: J Irving
Title: Fish Tales and Rainbow Colors: Poems for Children, Author: Elizabeth Newton
Title: Ava's Bad Day, Author: Elisient Maeve Vernon
Title: Backyard Adventure, Author: Kimberly Tatuem
Title: What Does God Look Like?, Author: Pamela J. Bradley
Title: Felix the Wannabe Firefly, Author: Jacqueline Marie
Title: Counting With Love, Author: Linda Mitchel
Title: The Color People: Book I - A Touch of Unity, Author: O L Gilbert