Title: A Manual Of Home-making (1919), Author: Martha Van Rensselaer
Title: Seola (1878), Author: J. Gregory
Title: A Gentleman In Prison, The Story Of Tokichi Ishii, Written In Tokyo Prison; (1922), Author: Tokichi Ishii
Title: Texas History Stories (1901), Author: Elbridge Littlejohn
Title: The Underground Rail Road. A record of facts, authentic narratives, letters, &c., narrating the hardships, hair-breadth escapes, and death struggles of the slaves in their efforts for freedom, as related by themselves and others, or witnessed by the autho, Author: William Still
Title: The Little Book of Life After Death (1904), Author: Gustav Theodor Fechner
Title: The Little Slave Girl : A True Story, Told by Mammy Sara Herself, Who Is Still Alive ([1906]), Author: Eileen Douglas
Title: A Narrative Of The Captivity, Sufferings, and Removes, of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, Who Was Taken Prisoner By The Indians; With Several Others... Written by her own hand (179l), Author: Mary Rowlandson
Title: The People Of The Plains, Author: Amelia M. Paget
Title: The Real Charlotte (1894) Vol. 1, Author: E. Somerville
Title: The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana (c1883-1925), Author: VATSYAYANA
Title: An accidental romance, and other stories, Author: William Sidney Rossiter
Title: Remember the Alamo (c1888), Author: Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
Title: Woman : Her Sex and Love Life (1917), Author: William J. Robinson
Title: Caw Caw; or, The Chronicle Of Crows ([ca. 1848]), Author: M
by M
Title: The Isle of Man ([c1909]), Author: Agnes Herbert
Title: Blue Eye; A Story Of The People Of The Plains, Author: Fred G Mock
Title: The American Woman's Cook Book (1939), Author: Ruth Berolzheimer
Title: Bars And Shadows : The Prison Poems Of Ralph Chaplin (1922), Author: Ralph Chaplin
Title: Letters From A Father To His Daughter Entering College, Author: Charles Thwing

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