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Title: Senlin Ascends (Books of Babel Series #1), Author: Josiah Bancroft
Title: The Babel Codex (Rogue Angel Series Novella), Author: Alex Archer
Title: The Tower of Babel in Genesis: How the Tower of Babel Narrative Influences the Theology of Genesis and the Bible, Author: James Austin
Title: At the End of Babel: A Tor.Com Original, Author: Michael Livingston
Title: Babel, Author: Nora K Anthony
Title: Babel (a space opera horror short), Author: Paul Melhuish
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Title: (K)night of Babel, Author: Robert Padgug
Title: Drei methodische Zugänge zu Gen 11,1-9 (Turmbau zu Babel), Author: Griseldis Wedel
Title: Quick Guide to Peruvian Spanish, Author: Language Babel
Title: Torres de Babel, Author: Ian Whates
Title: La Tour de Babel et autres histoires de la Bible, Author: Joël Muller
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Title: The Babel Chip, Author: Rachel Starr Thomson
Title: Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish, Author: Language Babel
Title: Moderne Bibel oder modernes Babel, Author: Michael Kotsch
Title: Tower of Babel, Author: Richard W. Wetherill
Title: La torre de Babel, Author: Relato Biblico
Title: Love After Babel & Other Poems, Author: Chandramohan Sathyanathan
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Title: Quick Guide to Dominican Spanish, Author: Language Babel
Title: Best of the Best Sellers How To Make Money On A Music Website Through Af ( Apollo, music, Erato, version, Orpheus, tuneful Nine, Polyhymnia, transcription, Terpsichore, theory, babel, the Muses, copy), Author: Resounding Wind Publishing
Title: Desde Adan y Eva hasta la torre de Babel, Author: Hebron Ministries

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