Title: Black Power Flower, Artist: Brant Bjork
Title: From the North: A Simple and Modern Approach to Authentic Nordic Cooking, Author: Katrin Bjork
Title: Natten till Hemingway, Author: Monika Björk
Title: El búho, Author: Samuel Bjørk
Title: Ye Ole Norse Calendar 2016: Not your average Gregorian Calendar, Author: Ms Sigrun Bjork Olafsdottir
Title: Kiss me, Tiger, Author: Monika Björk
Title: Freya and Wulf: A 9th-Century Love Story of Violence and Redemption, Author: Robert E. Bjork
Title: If Cow, Then Poo: Modus Ponens and Affirming the Consequent, Author: Aubrey Bjork
Title: Das Schaffen Björk Viks in den 70er Jahren, Author: Bianca Saupe
Title: Kyssar & döden, Author: Monika Björk
Title: El niño en la nieve, Author: Samuel Bjørk
Title: Viajo sola: Y no soy la única, Author: Samuel Bjørk
Title: Ozike, Author: Samuel Björk
Title: Nike, Author: Monika Björk
Title: Le hibou, Author: Samuel Bjørk
Title: A bagoly röpte, Author: Samuel Bjørk
Title: If Cow, Then Poo II: Modus Tollens and Denying the Antecedent, Author: Aubrey Bjork
Title: La stagione degli innocenti: La Squadra Omicidi di Oslo, Author: Samuel Bjork
Title: Saltade kyssar, Author: Monika Björk