Title: Forensic Musicology and the Blurred Lines of Federal Copyright History, Author: Katherine M. Leo
Title: The Russian Understanding of War: Blurring the Lines between War and Peace, Author: Oscar Jonsson
Title: Blurring the Lines of Race and Freedom: Mulattoes and Mixed Bloods in English Colonial America, Author: A. B. Wilkinson
Title: Culture, Space, and Power: Blurred Lines, Author: David Walton
Title: Disability and Passing: Blurring the Lines of Identity, Author: Jeffrey A Brune
Title: The Psychology of Entertainment Media: Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion, Author: L. J. Shrum
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Title: The Educational Significance of Human and Non-Human Animal Interactions: Blurring the Species Line, Author: Suzanne Rice
Title: Blurring the Lines: Charter, Public Private and Religious Schools Come Together (Hc), Author: Janet D. Mulvey