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Title: Wildflowers in the Field and Forest: A Field Guide to the Northeastern United States, Author: Steven Clemants
Title: Ecology and Conservation of Butterflies / Edition 1, Author: A.S. Pullin
Title: Ecology of Butterflies in Europe, Author: Josef Settele
Title: Butterflies of the Great Lakes Region, Author: Matthew M. Douglas
Title: Butterflies of Great Britain, Author: Martin J. Hibbs
Title: Butterflies of the Himalaya / Edition 1, Author: M.S. Mani
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Title: The Butterflies of Iowa, Author: Dennis W. Schlicht
Title: Courtship and Mating in Butterflies, Author: R. J. Cannon
Title: The Butterflies of Canada, Author: Ross Layberry
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Title: Butterflies of Australia: Their Identification, Biology and Distribution, Author: Michael F Braby
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Title: Noctuidae (Cuculliinae - Hypeninae) - Agaristidae, Author: John Langmaid
Title: Dragonflies through Binoculars: A Field Guide to Dragonflies of North America, Author: Sidney W. Dunkle
Title: Micropterigidae - Heliozelidae, Author: John Langmaid
Title: Sphingidae - Noctuidae (Noctuinae - Hadeninae), Author: John Langmaid
Title: Lasiocampidae - Thyatiridae, Author: John Langmaid
Title: Monitoring Butterflies for Ecology and Conservation: The British Butterfly Monitoring Scheme / Edition 1, Author: E. Pollard
Title: Cossidae - Heliodinidae, Author: John Langmaid
Title: The Butterflies of North America: A Natural History and Field Guide, Author: James  A. Scott