Title: Rainbow Butterflies, Author: Stacy Schmitt
Title: Butterfly Rhythm, Author: Leticia Colon De Mejias
Title: Coloring Book for Kids: Butterflies for Children, Author: Spudtc Publishing Ltd
Title: Bees, Bugs, and Butterflies: A Family Guide to Our Garden Heroes and Helpers, Author: Ben Raskin
Title: Teaching the Birds and the Bees without the Butterflies: A Stress-Free Guide for Parents on How to Talk to Young Children About Sex, Author: Traci Lester
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Title: The Butterfly Garden: That Second Chance, Book 6, Author: Mary Campisi
Title: The Butterfly Garden: Surviving Childhood on the Run with One of America's Most Wanted, Author: Chip St. Clair
Title: Dream of Butterflies, Author: Nina Bean
Title: Butterflies In The Wind, Author: Jean N Erichsen
Title: Guardian of Butterflies, Author: Eileen Small
Title: Raising, and Sometimes Losing, My Butterflies, Author: Jillene Black
Title: ...Of Butterflies and Bunnies, Author: Margaret Miller
Title: Windchimes And Butterflies, Author: Michelle Walker
Title: The Secrets to Quieting Butterflies, Author: Susie Baretz
Title: Millie's Butterflies, Author: Dori Scarano
Title: Mick...Send Me A Butterfly, Author: Lorraine Grennan
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Title: Colors of a Butterfly An Autobiography, Author: Lisa Gore
Title: Wounded Butterfly, Author: Wendi Frye
Title: My Grandma is a Butterfly, Author: Diana Pagán
Title: To Pimp A Butterfly, Author: Rock Lee

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