Title: Iron Butterflies, Author: Andre Norton
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Title: Butterfly Islands (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies, #1), Author: Chris Seabranch
Title: Nanya of the Butterflies, Author: Barbara Hambly
Title: Boy in a Dress (Cult of the Butterfly 5), Author: Paul Smith
Title: A Butterfly's Fire (Sensation Louisiana, #2), Author: Serenity Snow
Title: A Whisper of a Butterfly, Author: Jessica Gunter
Title: The Butterfly and the Flame, Author: Dana De Young
Title: The Butterfly with Crystal Wings, Author: DEMETRIO VERBARO
Title: The Gift and The Curse Box Set: The Butterfly Effect, Author: Margaret McHeyzer
Title: The Butterfly Kid: The Greenwich Village Trilogy Book One, Author: Chester Anderson
Title: Hilda: Butterfly Gardens, Author: Paul Kater
Title: The Contrary Tale of the Butterfly Girl: From the Peculiar Adventures of John Lovehart, Esq., Volume 2, Author: Ishbelle Bee
Title: Butterfly Ops: Book 3, Author: Jen Doyle
Title: Butterfly Ops: Book 1, Author: Jen Doyle
Title: Pink Butterfly, Author: Razor Blade
Title: The Butcher and the Butterfly, Author: Ian Dyer
Title: Butterfly's Dream, Author: Marian C. Ghilea
Title: Death Ray Butterfly, Author: Tom Lichtenberg
Title: The Butterfly Artist, Author: Forrest Aguirre
Title: Butterfly Ops: Book 2, Author: Jen Doyle

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