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Title: Butterflies Are Free, Author: Joan Gwendolyn Taylor Newby
Title: Black Butterfly, Author: Robert M. Drake
Title: The Butterfly's Burden, Author: Mahmoud Darwish
Title: Chasing Rhapsody, Author: Brett Bastard
Title: ...I Never Saw Another Butterfly...: Children's Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-1944, Author: Hana Volavkova
Title: Black Butterfly: Chained, Author: Yvette Douglas
Title: A Butterfly's Flight to Recovery: The Freedom Is on the Other Side, Author: Shari Figroid
Title: Butterflies in the Breeze, Author: James Forson
Title: Even butterflies die, Author: Steve Price
Title: Inner Butterflies, Author: Nicolette L. Toth
Title: Butterfly Dance The Light Chance, Author: Barbara M Schwarz
Title: The Butterfly Dives! At Noon, Author: Maria Morisot
Title: Green Butterfly: a book of poetry, Author: Kia Jackson King
Title: Butterfly Strawberry: The Joy of Energy, Author: Barbara M Schwarz
Title: Crushing the Butterflies, Author: Christina Iezzi
Title: Butterflies of Words, Author: Danuta Mucha
Title: Orange Butterflies, Author: Casey  Mann
Title: Of Butterflies and Ghosts, Author: Derek Keck
Title: Elephants & Butterflies, Author: Alan Michael Parker
Title: Black Butterflies, Author: Ian Sawicki

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