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Title: Cotton, Climate, and Camels in Early Islamic Iran: A Moment in World History, Author: Richard Bulliet
Title: Rickshaws, Camels and Taxis: (Rogues, Ruffians and Officers of the Royal Corps of Transport), Author: Brian (Harry) Clacy
Title: Campbell Fighting Camels Trivia Crossword Word Search Activity Puzzle Book: Greatest Basketball Players Edition, Author: Mega Media Depot
Title: The Regular Army Before the Civil War 1845: 1860 - Ulysses Grant, Mexican War, Native Americans, Army and the Settlers, Mormons, Use of Camels, Civil Works, West Point, Author: Progressive Management
Title: Most Excellent Adventures ofTenacity: Big Waves, Cheap Wine, Farting Camels, Author: Cindy Fletcher-Holden
Title: Camels, Oil, and Fire and the Marijuana Conspiracy: LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE, Author: Dr. Waqar Pirzada
Title: Camels - Curious Kids Press: Kids book about animals and wildlife, Children's books 4-6, Author: Curious Kids Press
Title: Camels: Discover Pictures and Facts About Camels For Kids! A Children's Camels Book, Author: Bold Kids
Title: How Many Camels Are There in Holland?: Dementia, Ma and Me, Author: Phyllida Law
Title: If the Three Kings didn't have their camels: an illustrated book for kids about christmas, Author: Gilberto Mariscal
Title: The King and the Widow: One Thousand and One Camels, Author: Emile Tubiana
Title: The Camels Are Coming: A Study of Genesis 24, Author: Gretchen C Nelson
Title: Army Camels: Texas Ships of the Desert, Author: Doris Fisher
Title: Camels: Children's Book of Amazing Photos and Fun Facts about Camels, Author: Laura Stefano
Title: Walk Across Australia: Alone with camels, Author: David Mason
Title: Animal Heroes: The Wolves, Camels, Elephants, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Penguins, Dolphins, and Other Remarkable Animals That Proved They Are Man's Best Friend, Author: Julia Moberg
Title: Killer Camels from Kuwait: The Saudi Stories, Author: Christopher Larsen
Title: Everything You Should Know About: Camels, Author: Anne Richards
Title: Notes to my Mother-in-Law and How Many Camels Are There in Holland?: Two-book Bundle, Author: Phyllida Law
Title: Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical and Post-Biblical Antiquity: Camels, Author: Edwin M. Yamauchi

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