Title: Stormy Hill's Heritage, Author: Nancy Clarke
Title: Love Potions, Melusine Volume 4, Author: Gilson
Title: The Story Of Saint Brigid, Author: Caitriona Clarke
Title: Super Sleuths and the Royal Captive, Author: E.M. Clarke
Title: The Night Before Christmas, Author: Clement Clarke Moore
Title: Super Sleuths and The Pirates Plunder, Author: E.M. Clarke
Title: Overcoming Body Image Problems including Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Author: Alex  Clarke
Title: Dino Dog, Author: Jane Clarke
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Title: Classic Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault: Illustrated by Harry Clarke, Author: Charles Perrault
Title: Dutch Clarke's Journals: The Early Years, Author: Brian D Ratty
Title: From the Frontline: The Extraordinary Life of Sir Basil Clarke, Author: Richard Evans
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