Title: Black Girl, White School: Thriving, Surviving and No, You Can't Touch My Hair. an Anthology, Author: Olivia  V.G. Clarke
Title: Halo: Battle Born (Halo (AFK) Series #1), Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Title: Halo: Meridian Divide (Battle Born: A Halo Young Adult Novel Series #2), Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Title: 2001: A Space Odyssey (Space Odyssey Series #1), Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Title: The Breakable Vow, Author: Kathryn Ann Clarke
Title: Wolf on the Fold, Author: Judith Clarke
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Title: Wuthering Heights: Illustrated, Author: Emily Brontë
Title: The Heroic Life of Al Capsella, Author: Judith Clarke