Title: Bramble the Hedgehog (Dr. KittyCat #10), Author: Jane Clarke
Title: Ginger the Kitten (Dr. KittyCat #9), Author: Jane Clarke
Title: Logan the Puppy (Dr. KittyCat #7), Author: Jane Clarke
Title: Clover the Bunny (Dr. KittyCat Series #2), Author: Jane Clarke
Title: Nutmeg the Guinea Pig (Dr. KittyCat Series #5), Author: Jane Clarke
Title: Freak Out!: Animals Beyond Your Wildest Imagination, Author: Ginjer L. Clarke
Title: It's A Grand Old Flag, Artist: Melissa Ambrose
Title: The Shop Girls of Harpers: A heartwarming historical novel, Author: Rosie Clarke
Title: Three Day Fiancee (A Romantic Comedy), Author: Marissa Clarke
Title: Neighbors With Benefits, Author: Marissa Clarke
Title: Dear Jane (Animal Attraction), Author: Marissa Clarke
Title: We Were Sisters: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller, Author: Wendy Clarke
Title: Sleeping with the Boss, Author: Marissa Clarke
Title: The Seventh Science Fiction MEGAPACK: 25 Modern and Classic Stories, Author: Robert Silverberg
Title: Chance of A Lifetime, Author: Marissa Clarke
Title: Rider's Revenge: The Complete Trilogy, Author: Alessandra Clarke
Title: Escape to the Little French Cafe: A laugh out loud romantic comedy to fall in love with, Author: Karen Clarke
Title: Rider's Revenge, Author: Alessandra Clarke
Title: I'll Be Home for Christmas: A heartwarming, feel good romantic comedy, Author: Karen Clarke
Title: The Ninth Science Fiction MEGAPACK: Classic and Modern Science Fiction, Author: Arthur C. Clarke

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