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Title: Damn Yankees
Title: Damn Yankees, Artist: Damn Yankees
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Title: Don't Tread, Artist: Damn Yankees
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Title: Damn Yankees: Twenty-Four Major League Writers on the World's Most Loved (and Hated) Team, Author: Rob Fleder
Title: Wicked Good Barbecue: Fearless Recipes From Two Damn Yankees Who have Won the Biggest, Baddest BBQ Competition in the World, Author: Andy Husbands
Title: The Cajun Embassy: Ticket to Paradise, Damn Yankees, Gone Pecan, Author: Cherie Claire
Title: Damn Yankees, Author: Cherie Claire
Title: A Yankee's Guide to Surviving Life in the South and A Southerner's Guide to Surviving Life with Those Damn Yankees, Author: Kate Dyer
Title: Damn Yankees The true story of the Horseman, Author: Robert London
Title: Death of a Damn Yankee, Author: Toni L. P. Kelner
Title: A Damn Good Yankee, Author: Gregory Kordic
Title: Damn Yankees: Vocal Score, Author: Richard Adler
Title: Damn Yankees: Piano/Vocal Selections, Author: Richard Adler
Title: Those Damn Yankees: The Secret Life of America's Greatest Franchise, Author: Dean Chadwin
Title: Damn Yankees!: Demonization and Defiance in the Confederate South, Author: George C. Rable
Title: Damn Yankee: Murder in Myrtle Beach, Author: Troy D Nooe
Title: Damn Yankee Buttons: Short Stories and Essays, Author: Julian Martin