Title: Only the Dead Know: A Daniel 'Uneasy' Truce Mystery, Author: C.J. Dunford
Title: Dead Last, Author: Richard C Hale
Title: Dead Romantic, Author: C. J. Skuse
Title: The Dead Gang, Author: C. F. Sheeler
Title: Dead Laughter, Author: N.C. Rusk & J.A. Brown
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Title: Dead to Rights: A Circularity of Glosas, Author: Alain C. Dexter
Title: Dead Priest at Gator's Pond, Author: J. C. Quinn
Title: When the Dead Rise Series 1: The Beginning, Author: C.M. Fick
Title: All But Love Is Dead: A Tale of Four Men with Nothing to Live For and Every Reason to Die, Author: D.C. Tanner
Title: Living or Dead?, Author: John Charles (J. C.) Ryle
Title: The Dead Game, Author: Zimbell House Publishing
Title: Am I Dead Yet?, Author: Ray C. Van Tassell Jr.
Title: Dead Men: Episode 5, Author: C L Walker
Title: When Dead Clocks Chime: Volume 1, Author: C.J. Phillips
Title: Dead Men 2, Author: C L Walker
Title: Dead Heat, Author: Joel C. Rosenberg
Title: Dead Men: Episode 8, Author: C L Walker
Title: K Company: 71st Regiment New York Volunteers: A Record of Its Experience and Service During the Spanish-American War, and a Memorial to Its Dead, Author: Arthur C Anderson
Title: Dead Gorgeous: A Supernatural Thriller, Author: C R Simms
Title: First and Last Sorcerer, Author: Barb Hendee

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