Title: My Own Devices: True Stories from the Road on Music, Science, and Senseless Love, Author: Dessa
Title: Dessa Rose, Author: Sherley Anne Williams
Title: Is Your Horse a Rock Star?: Understanding Your Horse's Personality, Author: Dessa Hockley
Title: Surrendered to the Sea, Author: Dessa Lux
Title: Omega Required (Wolves in the World, #1), Author: Dessa Lux
Title: Lands of our Ancestors Book Two Teacher's Guide, Author: Dessa Drake
Title: Dessa, Author: Andreya Lombardi
Title: Dessa, Author: Val Creese
Title: A Imensa Boca Dessa Angústia e outras histórias, Author: Urbano Tavares Rodrigues
Title: Deadly Dreams: Inner Demons, Author: Dessa Blackthorn
Title: Dessa Cor, Author: Fernanda Bastos
Title: Dessa the True (A Gentle Mermaid Erotic Romance), Author: Lana Fox
Title: Dessa para melhor, Author: Annemarie Nikolaus
Title: The Girl Called Ella Dessa, Author: Karen Campbell Prough
Title: Deadly Dreams: Hide and Seek, Author: Dessa Blackthorn
Title: Die Kleinfunde von Habuba Kabira-Sud, Author: Dessa Rittig
Title: Os Cuidados Dessa Vida, Author: Milyanna Amorina
Title: Deadly Dreams: Driving Force, Author: Dessa Blackthorn
Title: Gostei dessa, Author: Paulo Tadeu
Title: What's my name? DESSA, Author: Tiina Walsh

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