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Title: Epona, Artist: The Tannahill Weavers
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Title: Lady of Horses, Author: Judith Tarr
Title: The Shepherd Kings, Author: Judith Tarr
Title: Epona: Hidden Goddess of the Celts, Author: P.D. MacKenzie Cook
Title: Epona, Author: Michelle Dalton
Title: Warriors of Epona, Author: Adam Alexander Haviaras
Title: Epona - Die Pferdegöttin, Author: Ulrike Dietmann
Title: Der Pakt der Epona, Author: D.Chriffie
Title: Epona The Warrior Princess of Narsidia, Author: Patricia Aylward
Title: Das Rätsel des Pferdeamuletts - Eponas Erbe, Author: Karin Müller Pre-Order Now
Title: Daughter of Lir, Author: Judith Tarr
Title: White Mare's Daughter, Author: Judith Tarr
Title: The Four Princesses: and the Epona Masquerade, Author: Amanda Carr