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Title: Iconoclasm, Identity Politics and the Erasure of History, Author: Alexander Adams Pre-Order Now
Title: Data erasure Second Edition, Author: Gerardus Blokdyk
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Title: Erasures, Author: Donald Revell
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Title: Erasure: The Spectre of Cultural Memory, Author: Brad Buckley
Title: The Erasure of Arab Political Identity: Colonialism and Violence / Edition 1, Author: Salam Hawa
Title: Fazal Sheikh: The Erasure Trilogy, Author: Fazal Sheikh
Title: The Zionist Bible: Biblical Precedent, Colonialism and the Erasure of Memory, Author: Nur Masalha
Title: Affectual Erasure: Representations of Indigenous Peoples in Argentine Cinema, Author: Cynthia Margarita Tompkins
Title: Aversion and Erasure: The Fate of the Victim after the Holocaust, Author: Carolyn J. Dean
Title: Unbearable Life: A Genealogy of Political Erasure, Author: Arthur Bradley
Title: Derrida: Ethics Under Erasure, Author: Nicole Anderson
Title: Psychology After Deconstruction: Erasure and social reconstruction / Edition 1, Author: Ian Parker
Title: Critical Examinations of Quality in Early Education and Care: Regulation, Disqualification, and Erasure, Author: Gaile S. Cannella
Title: What Movies Teach about Race: Exceptionalism, Erasure, and Entitlement, Author: Roslyn M. Satchel
Title: Bad Things Happen: an erasure, Author: Deborah Taylor-Hough
Title: Anxiety of Erasure: Trauma, Authorship, and the Diaspora in Arab Women's Writings, Author: Hanadi Al-Samman
Title: Performing Race and Erasure: Cuba, Haiti, and US Culture, 1898-1940, Author: Shannon Rose Riley
Title: Inconvenient Heritage: Erasure and Global Tourism in Luang Prabang, Author: Lynne M Dearborn
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Title: Other' Spanish theatres: Erasure and inscription on the twentieth-century Spanish stage, Author: Maria M. Delgado
Title: Blurring Timescapes, Subverting Erasure: Remembering Ghosts on the Margins of History, Author: Sarah Surface-Evans
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