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Title: Jack and the Beanstalk and the French Fries, Author: Mark Teague
Title: Fries Alive! (Freddy and the French Fries Series #1), Author: David Baldacci
Title: French Fry Fred --- For Boys Only ®, Author: Penelope Dyan
Title: French Fries, Author: Candice Ransom
Title: Pee Wee Scouts: Blue Skies, French Fries, Author: Judy Delton
Title: French Fries, Author: Joanne Mattern
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Title: Don't Feed the Fish French Fries, Author: Gary Mcilvain
Title: French Fries and Fizzy Pop!, Author: Rebecca Woodbury Ph.D.
Title: Are There French Fries in Heaven?, Author: Kay Gibbie
Title: The Mystery of Silas Finklebean (Freddy and the French Fries Series #2), Author: David Baldacci
Title: Four-Eyes and French Fries, Author: Mary Blakeslee
Title: No More French Fries in the Bed, Author: Jara Coe
Title: French Fries in the Park, Author: JM Sheridan
Title: The French Fry King, Author: Roge
Title: The Adventures of Captain French Fry, Author: Amelie Grakoui
Title: Rise of the French Fry Army, Author: Trent Gillespie
Title: The Life of a French Fry, Author: John Wellman
Title: French Fry and Toad, Author: Robert Kerr
Title: The Freaky Funky French Fries: Rhythm and Rhyme The ABC's, Author: Jonquil Steele
Title: Just A Girl Who Loves French Fries: A Notebook For Girls, Author: Just A Girl Notebook

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