Title: Gypsy Man, Artist: Robin Kenyatta
Title: The Gypsy Man, Author: Robert Bausch
Title: Men, Money & Gypsy Blood: A Memoir of Love, Survival, and My Rise to Wall Street, Author: Sharron Ann Sibley
Title: Once Upon a Gypsy Moon: An Improbable Voyage and One Man's Yearning for Redemption, Author: Michael Hurley
Title: Gangbanged by Eleven Gypsy Men, Author: Angelica Cummings
Title: The Gypsy Man, Author: Ronald Florence
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Title: Gypsy Identities 1500-2000: From Egipcyans and Moon-men to the Ethnic Romany, Author: David Mayall
Title: Into the Fire: Musings of a Gypsy Soul, Author: Gypsy Mercer
Title: British Men Destroyed My Life: The Travels of an American Gypsy, Author: Carmen Vera
Title: The Chair Man: Life and times of John Lee, a Romany gypsy, Author: Angela Wigglesworth
Title: The Prayer of a Gypsy: The Poor Man that I am, Author: Issoufou Ouattara
Title: Older Man: The Gypsy Girl, Author: Rosie Zweet