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Title: Hamburger Hill
Director: John Irvin
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Title: Hamburger Hill: The Brutal Battle for Dong Ap Bia: May 11-20, 1969, Author: Samuel Zaffiri
Title: The Crouching Beast: A United States Army Lieutenant's Account of the Battle for Hamburger Hill, May 1969, Author: Frank Boccia
Title: Historical Summary Of The Battle At Dong Ap Bia (Hamburger Hill), 10-20 May 1969, Author: Anon
Title: Major General Melvin Zais And Hamburger Hill, Author: Major Kelly Owen Carl Boian
Title: Todesinszenierungen im amerikanischen Kriegsfilm nach 1945. Sterben in 'Platoon', 'Hamburger Hill' und 'Saving Private Ryan', Author: Antje Linßner
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Title: Major General Melvin Zais and Hamburger Hill, Author: U.S. Army Command and General Staff Coll
Title: Myths and Crises: American Masculinity in 1980s Vietnam War Films - Analysis of Five Films (Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill, Casualties of War, and Born on the Fourth of July), Author: Progressive Management