Title: The Pride of Jesse Hallam
Title: Stagecoach
Director: Ted Post
Title: Murder in Coweta County
Director: Gary Nelson
Title: Columbo: Season Three
Director: Leo Penn
Title: Johnny Cash Christmas Specials 1976-1979
Title: Sesame Street: Sing along/Kids' Favorite Country Songs/Sesame Sings Karaoke
Title: The Winding Stream
Title: The Baron and the Kid
Title: My Father and the Man in Black
Title: Five Minutes to Live
Director: Bill Karn
Title: Night Rider
Director: Michael Hinn
Title: Concrete Cowboys/Five Minutes to Live
Title: The Best of The Johnny Cash TV Show - 1969-1971
Title: Johnny Cash: The Man in Black - A Documentary
Title: Johnny Cash: American Icon
Title: Johnny Cash: Man in Black - Live in Denmark 1971
Title: Rainbow Quest: Johnny Cash / Roscoe Holcombe
Title: We're Still Here: Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears Revisited
Title: The Story of Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire - A Musical Documentary