Title: The Best of Johnny Cash [Curb], Artist: Johnny Cash
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Title: Steel Mill, Artist: Willard
Title: Johnny Cash at San Quentin, Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: The Greatest: Duets, Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: Koncert V Praze: In Prague Live, Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: Johnny Cash: The Life, Author: Robert Hilburn
Title: The Johnny Cash I Knew. A Kind and Caring Man, Author: Tom Blake
Title: Johnny Cash, Author: Patrick Bunker
Title: Johnny Cash - A Short Biography for Kids, Author: Josephine Madden
Title: Quicklet on The Best Johnny Cash Songs, Author: Charles Limley
Title: Legends of Country Music - Johnny Cash, Author: James Hoag
Title: House of Cash: The Legacies of My Father, Johnny Cash, Author: John Carter Cash
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Title: The Guitar Behind: John Winter, Rolling Stone magazine, Bob Johnston, Carl Perkins, Bill Donovan, Johnny Cash, Tennessee Three, the Carter Family, Ron Cornelius, Author: Ron Cornelius
Title: Perspicacious Johnny, Sagacious Cash: A Compilation of 400+ Wise Sayings of Johnny Cash, Author: Sreechinth C